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What crystals are, and how they work


Have you ever visited an online or offline crystal shop? Wherever you go and ask for something specific, you most probably will be instructed to just go to the one you’re most drawn to and purchase it. And yes, the guidance is really helpful, but the concept is that when it is about metaphysical tools like tarot decks or crystals, Singapore has one of the finest shops. You can buy unique and rare crystals at any of the crystal stores here.

While purchasing any type of stone, you have complete permission to trust yourself. What all you want from these mystical mineral tools, you need to ask yourself and even do research on it. But, at the end of the day, the most important thing that will come out will be your connection to it. How you look at, consider, and adore that beautiful stone. Here’s a crash course in the depth of crystals.

What are crystals and how do they function?

Crystals are a tool in our healing toolkit or self-care. They are not ‘magic’. As tools, we need to activate them and their assistance can only go as far as we permit it to. The belief is the main player here. If you believe it to be effective, then it’s the most luckiest and positive thing in your house, and if you don’t, that it’s no above than beautiful home decor in your house. So, on one hand, they are tiny parts of a mineral kingdom and on the other hand, they are simply good-looking rocks.

As per the belief of Crystal Muse which is an all-time favorite for all crystal things, it is a thing that works by harnessing life providing elements of the universe and the Earth. It includes the energy of the Sun, Oceans, and Moon. The crystal energy can assist us to support our spiritual journey by holding out the intention and reminding us of our bond with the abundant earth.

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We just need to see the crystals in that way if we want to benefit from them. As they can help us, here are a few ways how you can use them:

  • Setting and maintaining a particular intention. For example, if you are wishing to cut ties with your ex, you are good to focus more on your health and of course, love yourself more – there’s a crystal for this. Clear Quartz is a type of stone, which is known to amplify any intention.
  • In absorbing or removing any sort of energy from the environment. For example, a part of Shungite placed near your laptop can soak up electromagnetic radiation. You can often use fluoride or obsidian to get all the negative vibes absorbed from your energy field.
  • In promoting certain states of being a part of Citrine or Rose quartz can successfully promote the states of being like creativity, happiness, and peace.