Month: November 2021

Why should you consider buying Apple products? 

The experience of using an Apple device is completely unprecedented. The designs of its products are known for their cutting-edge facet and other overall great looks. But, those are not the only reasons why people fell in love with Apple. Being one of the most innovative brands on the earth, the Apple brand has redefined our way of listening to…

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crystal for sale

What crystals are, and how they work

  Have you ever visited an online or offline crystal shop? Wherever you go and ask for something specific, you most probably will be instructed to just go to the one you’re most drawn to and purchase it. And yes, the guidance is really helpful, but the concept is that when it is about metaphysical tools like tarot decks or crystals,…

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pdpa Singapore

Singapore’s PDPA and data privacy regime 

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore came into effect in 2014. Then, it was amended in the year 2020 to include, other additions and changes to its consent framework. So that user protection can be strengthened and tighten the requirements for websites, organizations, and companies. Singapore was one of the first countries to implement a law for data…

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