Which is better: A Condo in Residential Complex or a Second Home?

Everyone, who is planning to purchase real estate, is faced with a similar issue. The difficult choice is due to a number of factors. New houses attract with modern architectural solutions, technologies and materials. At the same time, many people consider perennial buildings to be reliable and durable. In each of options have a number of advantages, knowing that you will be able to decide, on what to stop your choice.

Arguments in favour of primary housing

  1. Freedom of choice: The buyer is given the opportunity to choose the floor, entrance, location of the apartment in the house he likes. To buy housing in the new building can be like after the completion of the construction, so and at its initial stage. The free layout of the apartments will allow the owners to arrange everything according to their preferences.
  2. Psychological factor: The apartment buyer in the residential complex will be the first owner. At the same time, all other neighbours will move in with a slight time difference, so there will be no “newcomers” in the old courtyard. In addition, these will be people with approximately the same social status.
  3. Everything is new: Pipes, electrics, meters, elevator, windows, walls, roof. New condos are being built using new technologies from modern materials. You don’t have to change pipes or wiring soon.
  4. Security: Modern residential complexes have a fenced yard, there are security systems, video surveillance and fire extinguishing systems, which, unfortunately, are not available in many old houses. The entrances of the apartments are equipped with intercoms. The developer guarantees the operation of all utilities laid in the house.

The upcoming Pasir Ris 8 is one such integrated residential development which is offering luxurious amenities to its residents. Sun deck pool, hydrotherapy spa, microbubble spa, walking distance to MRT bus interchange, reputed schools, kindergartens, deluxe malls, shopping centres and multi-cuisine restaurants are some of the major highlights of Pasir Ris 8 residential complex.

  1. Quality-to-price ratio: In Singapore, most new buildings are built using brick-monolithic technology. The service life of such houses is up to 150 years, earthquake resistance is up to 9 points. During construction, durable materials are used, the facades of buildings are insulated. The apartments are equipped with double-glazed windows, metal doors, boilers for heating and hot water, new meters. Large residential complexes have a smart home system.

Arguments in favour of secondary housing

  1. Time-tested houses speak for themselves: They can be found in any area at a reasonable price. The warm atmosphere of the old district cannot be confused with anything else.
  2. Accommodation ready to move in: One of the main advantages of the old housing stock is the ability to move in right away and live. There is no need to wait until the house is completed and all the documents are completed.
  3. District: There are apartments from the old housing stock in any area. You can find accommodation close to family, close to work, or near green areas or educational institutions.
  4. Choice of layout: You can choose a layout that is already well known and implement a long-planned project for the improvement of the family hearth. Even on a limited budget, you can find a good option.

The primary or secondary nature of the real estate market is one of the important factors when buying a resident. The choice is always up to the buyer.

You can familiarize yourself with upcoming Pasir Ris 8 with a detailed description, location on the map and prices on the website, where apartments for every taste are presented. Good luck to you!