Types of Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are one of the important accessory of the laboratory that avoids the exposure to the hazardous fumes for the workers. The building of the fume hoods was used to make of wood in the earlier days and now, they are mostly made of mild steel with epoxy coating. Fume Hood is an essential space to make during the laboratory construction.

Fume hoods are of two types. One is re-circulated and other is ducted hood. But the working of both the units is common. Using fan, air is drawn to the cabinet and then expelled out from the building or filtered and fed to the workplace back.

Re-circulating fume hoods

This type is perfect for the buildings that does not allow the external ductwork fitted. In this hood, a fan is fixed either at the top or behind the worktop. The functioning of the fan is to suck all the air from the opening of the hood and pass it through a filter and later fed the filtered air back to the work place. They could be found in various sizes from 4’ to 8’ and you can even ask for customized sizes according to your requirements that fits perfectly to your lab.
One of the disadvantage of using this type is that workers who work near to these are exposed to slightly higher saturated harmful chemicals than using the other. Also, due to the presence of the extract fan closer to the workplace, the workers working nearer are exposed to high noise level as well.

Ducted fume Hoods

These fume hoods works best for the industrial uses. The air in the workspace is removed and expelled in the outside atmosphere. To enhance the air quality inside, some of the labs pick single pass system, in this hot or cool air is being used a time and later discharged. While the labs that wants to reduce the use of energy, they choose the return air systems that provides the enough ventilation rates also works for making the working conditions appropriate.
The advantage of using this type is that it provides the safe environment for the workers working nearby the hood. It eradicates the fumes from the workplace and also there is no issue regarding noise pollution as the fan works at a distance from the workplace. But the working of duct fume hoods requires an additional ductwork, therefore, it is comparatively expensive. Plus, it eradicates the fumes of the lab into the atmosphere, thus, it pollutes the atmosphere by simply releasing the harmful fumes to outside without treating it.

While installing the fumehood to your lab, it is therefore to keep in mind the use of the hood. You are only going to do it once and if you are confused visit https://advancelabglobal.com/ this might help you choose best according to your requirement.