Using the iPhone at Your Work Premises

When it was launched IPhone was not ready to take the plunge in the business world. It was mainly due to shortcomings and a distinct lack of support for email business servers. At this point in time, iPhone resale price plummeted. Since that time Apple has added numerous features to IOS and it has gone on to emerge as one of the popular smartphones for business people.

Establishing contact

Pretty much like an ordinary phone, an iPhone enables you to stay in touch. It can be via text messaging, email and mobile calls. For video calling, there is a front-facing camera in Apple through the medium of Face time. Even it is possible via third-party applications like Skype and OoVoo. What it means is that you can observe the eyes of the other person incorporating vital language clues and engaging in a productive conversation.

Access to business data

When you are away from your office iPhone provides access to business information. For VPN the support is inbuilt and the web browser allows you to access the public sites with the intranet of your business. Even access to the business information that is stored in the cloud is possible through Google drive, DropBox and Skype Drive.

The dangers

When you allow the employees to bring their own iPhones at work there are some risks involved. The reason being there is the involvement of wireless communication and it makes sense to be setting up a VNC and as far as possible trying to use encrypted connections. The moment you lose your phone the third party gets access to the data. So it is better to formulate a policy where there is a secure login option.

The positive aspects of using an iPhone at your work premises

Smartphones have become an integral aspect of your workplace be it keeping a track of the important messages. But in the midst of this, an iPhone can work out to be a costly investment. Now whether it is going to add value depends upon the type of work you are doing and the intention to be using an iPhone.

An interesting fact is a variety of mobile applications are developed keeping in mind the interest of iPhone users and then only it moves over to Android users. It is a user-friendly device as the set up is easy to use with the menus getting a similar feeling. Though the iPhone 5 might not work out to be the fastest phones in the market, the data connection is secure. When an employee is out from the box they can accomplish their tasks quickly. It is a phone on the move.