Get to Know about the Contrasting Features of iPhone

iPhone is defined to sharp all the features for the best experience.

There are key features that will blow your mind.

Able to do multitasking

This feature allows you to get your favourite applications just in one will keep ready the multiple slides, and with one swipe you can process all.

Allows swipe between the slides over applications

If you have selected application in the multiple slides, and want to quit. With one swipe to the bottom, you will get your work done easily. You can see all the applications by swipe up.

By dragging your screen to the top easily it will slide over to the full screen
With the App switcher and flicking up, you can quickly close your applications. If you want to work on two-note pages, or documents also want to see map and calendar, by the app in split view you can open multiple windows.

With the App switcher, you can see all the windows and all the spaces with title window. App expose will enable to see a window just by tapping its icon in the Dock.

New home screen features

The new layout of the screen, as well as designed with all icons in a tighter grid. You can pin every widget on the home screen. With Widgets editor you can make a choice about the appearing them on your home screen.

Apple pencil

Apple pencils have a lower latency of about 9 secs. It gives the relax like you are writing on paper. It has a pixel eraser, that helps you to remove anything from your drawing. Well, taking a full screenshot is no more problem. You can easily capture the full screen, document, email, web page and mark it.

Apple pencil allows you to take a screenshot when you dragging it from either bottom corner. Its extended desktop allows you to work on two additional screens. If you feel any issue with your iPhone, get iphone batter replacement services from iPhone repair Punggol.

Its mirrored desktop feature enables your Mac to have two screen displays for the same continent. Your iPhone can easily get charge with the Mac with a cable or without a wire.

When you mark and write on your pdfs. It will same display on your Macbook lively. It gives you continuity while creating a sketch with apple pencil easily you can insert into any Macbook. Its quicktype keyword has a quick path. Without removing your figure from the keyword, you can swipe your finger from one word to another word.

It has other features in a keyword like, floating keywords, you can swipe to type, alternate options for words.

Its beautiful look gives it a dark colour scheme

This look is good for low light environments. the dark mode is easier for the eyes.

Wallpaper recommendations are optimized, according to the mode.
It has good privacy and security through app location permissions. Any issues found in the working iPhone screen cheapest repair Punggol finds solutions very quickly.


iPhone has various salient features with minimum bugs. Advanced features of iPhone enhance the consumer experience. A sound touch with sound processing leaves you mesmerized. iPhone repair Punggol works to sort out every small and big issue with your iPhone.