A guide to Bukit Timah – Cafes and Restaurants

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve located in Singapore is twelve kilometers away from the central part of the city on the hills with the same name and the territory of 1.64 square kilometers. As I already said the name comes from the hill Bukit Timah, which is the highest point of the state with a height of 163.63 meters.

Despite the fact that the reservation area is relatively small, there are 500 species of fauna and 840 species of flora. The National Park has also great recreation areas, paved paths, and asphalt steps.

But you don’t need to panic if you don’t know that well the area because at the intersections there are many maps of paths and signs for those who are lost.

If you’re seeking for the spot where you can absolutely relax and breath of the fresh air – Bukit Timah is an ideal place for you.

You can also visit the area where once temple existed, now transformed into a historical monument and enjoy the panorama from the top of the hill. After a long walk, you can rest on one of the benches or even a border of the beautiful lakes.

Bukit Timah Café and Restaurants

In the rapidly changing Singaporean lifestyle, one of the things that unite all Singaporeans and brings them back to their roots is the centuries-old coffee culture. Although the art of preparing and ordering the coffee in Singapore dates back centuries, today it serves to remind you of what makes Singapore’s history so rich and unique.

So, what makes Singapore coffee so different?

Unlike most Western drinks, coffee is made from strong beans that contain a high dose of caffeine. It’s freshly roasted and if you are the true coffee lover you know that is very important if you want a high-quality cup of coffee.

To improve their taste, they bake their beans in a wok with butter or lard and sugar. It is caramel seeds that also gives a unique taste. In the old districts of Singapore, you can still meet people who are going to drink a glass of beer or their cup of coffee, go for a walk, play mahjong bukitimah-outlet3and have fun. However, if you want to try a glass of locally produced coffee, you should visit one of the famous Bukit Timah Cafe where you can trace the coffee to its roots and sip your cup of joy.

If your more plain-coffee lover, don’t worry options are endless and you can order the coffee that you like.

And if you’re asking where to find best Bukit Timah Cafe? Everywhere!

Check out some of the Bukit Timah Outlets like Rise and Grind or ask someone that has already visited the place for the advice. Experiment and search for the place which will satisfy all your requirements, whether you want to have a great meal or just a cup of coffee or tea. You’ll be impressed with the unique taste of Bukit Timah cuisine, and the best thing of all – if you don’t like the Asian food, well, you can eat a western food on almost every corner. Enjoy!