Can Partying Actually be Good for Your Health?

Partying isn’t considered to be a particularly healthy habit, but is it all bad? As it turns out, partying can also be healthy for you! However, there are a lot of conditions at play here as it would be a mistake to consider that any and all types of partying is good for you because they are not! If all this sounds somewhat confusing, don’t worry because we will delve into the details now.


What You Should Do at a Party

A party is typically a break from the regular mundane life of work and routine so it acts as a stress buster. The question is, what exactly are the activities that make partying a healthy habit? Basically, it’s anything that unwinds you and helps you relax without intoxicating you (too much). In fact, you can also indulge yourself with a drink or two if it helps you relax. Mostly though, it’s about letting yourself relax, having a fun time with people that you are comfortable with, meeting new people, chatting, dancing, singing, playing a round of cards, having a fine dinner, etc.

What You Shouldn’t Do at a Party

A party can only be healthy is it cuts out the unhealthy parts and some of them are as follows.

  1. Overdrinking – Alcohol in small amounts is not bad for you, but if you drink too much it can become a nuisance and you will likely wake up with a headache and a hangover. This is a habit that leads to more serious problems down the line and also the main reason why partying gets such a bad name.
  2. Smoking – Unlike alcohol, even a single cigarette is bad for you so avoiding it at all costs is necessary.
  3. Too Much Junk Food – Junk food is always a bad idea and especially so if you are mixing it with heavy drinking. Eat as little of the stuff as possible if you can’t avoid it completely.
  4. Staying Awake All Night – Staying up past your bedtime is acceptable once in a while when you are partying, but if your merrymaking is causing you to stay awake throughout the whole night quite often, it’s very unhealthy.
  5. Recreational Drugs – It goes without saying that any kind of recreational drug is usually bad news and should be strictly avoided for both the benefit of your health and the fact that they are illegal.

What are the Benefits?

Busting stress is the main goal here and “healthy” parties de-stress more than most things. As a result, you will wake up next day with a refreshed and happier mind. This increases productivity, helps with depression and rejuvenates the body as a whole. Also, the moderated intake of alcohol has been associated with a bunch of health benefits, including better cardiac health and a higher level of dopamine production, among others.

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