Why is moving so difficult without cardboard boxes?

In a few days you will be forced to move to a new home or a new apartment, more comfortable and more luxurious too. All the preparations were completed, the D-day fixed, the contract with the mover is signed in due form, in short all the negotiations were carried out in the rules. Everything is ready for this move.

You are right, we will try to illuminate your lantern and tell you the importance of the boxes used for a move.

Good to store- well codify!

First of all, all your things from the smallest to the biggest (except for furniture and beds that cannot be dismantled!) must be wrapped, packed, tied and packaged properly. All, without exception should be put in box.

Some tips:

  • Do not put objects of a different nature in the same carton, such as inserting an iron in the middle of your fine dishes, for example.
  • Avoid cardboards full of miscellaneous objects that would only bother you when unpacking, which can also cause breakage during transportation.
  • In case you should dismantle a retractable piece of furniture, if possible, record the dismantling phase or, if necessary, take pictures. Then carefully store the various accessories (bolts, screws, etc.) with the furniture.
  • Do not fill cartons with heavy or massive objects. The risk is that it can tear under the action of its own weight on the one hand, and its loading will be arduous on the other hand.
  • When storing your belongings in the boxes provided, number them as they are full. Make a complete list of all cartons used.

A list is insufficient

Here! Now, all your Boxes For Moving Singapore are tidy, listed and well-ordered as it should be. They are only waiting for the mover. But to be really sure that the unpacking goes well as the packaging, the list and the number of cartons and packaging prove insufficient! A distinctive and visual mark affixed to each cardboard is the best way to store your belongings.

Adhesive tapes of different colors will do the trick. One color per luggage category (example one color for furniture, another for books and brochures, etc.) and you will be able to quickly unpack all your belongings to the new home, as in your ex-house!

Importance of moving cartons

Moving or Change of address is often a source of headaches. This is due to the storage and transportation of your belongings. To stack them, you must use the cartons. They prevent your items from being broken during the removal process. Simply putting bubble papers and used carton boxes in order to avoid the occurrence of this type of concern. Do not break the bubbles, otherwise your items will not be protected. This tool is solid, so it will not collapse. The tape must be resistant.

One of the advantages of using cardboard is that it is simple to transport. You will not need to use great physical force. With cardboard, you will not have to scatter your effects all over the truck moving. You must be careful, however. Cartons should not be placed in a damp place.