How to buy car audio systems without errors and expenses?

Acoustics is distinguished not only by size but also constructive. Three common types: broadband, coaxial and component. Each type has its pros and cons.

The wideband loudspeaker had one voice coil and designed to reproduce the widest possible frequency range with only one radiator (diffuser). Range speakers cope with their tasks, but still not good enough. The frequency range already in comparison with a coaxial or component having more than one acoustic transducer, and the edges (high and low frequency) – worked worse.


Coaxial Speakers got its name because some emission bands (two or more) are located on one axis and emit sound in the same axis. Such products with different numbers of bands exist in all the sizes listed above. Two diffusers, which reproduce different frequency using the crossover network, called 2-way coaxial.

For example, the so-called 5-way or 4-way ovals have a maximum of two dividing-pass filters, and multi-band Acoustic SUPERTWEETER has paralleled. All multi-band speakers, except for a two-lane, made for the uninformed buyer who believes that the more lanes are, the better. In fact, the more bars, the larger washer with beeper “shadows” radiation is the main diffuser.

The front component speakers – this is the most important part of your audio system, which is not worth saving.

Before buying, listening to the speakers on the stand in the car audio shop, many make the mistake of not understanding, why pay more for component speakers, such as Alpine SPG-17C2 is cheaper, and sounds almost the same. The fact that the direction and location of the high-frequency tweeter are of great importance.

If the stand Tweeters store coaxial and component speakers focused and played to you, in the car of their location entirely different, and the difference in the sound of the car between the component and coaxial will be very noticeable. But the advantage of component acoustics is felt only when it is installed in the front doors, and it is not recommended to place it in the rear doors or the rear shelf.

Designated speakers in the car

Oversea Union provides the full range of Car Accessories and is a right place to find the speakers regarding the optimal sound of the motor vehicle interiors. It seems that the plant space to install the speakers in some machines chooses not from the point of view the best results, and which will remain free space. For example, regular places in the kick-panels, or side latches rear shelf better not considered for speaker installation. And do not follow the principle “if there is a space for speakers, so be sure these openings must be closed at least something”- it will be money thrown away.

Optimum setting the speakers to the audio front of the cabin – a front door with remote tweeters, positioned at the height of the driver’s ears. That is Tweeters may be in the corners of door triangles on the front rack or in a torpedo. Choose your best car audio vendor in Singapore to make a purchase for best audio system.