Brands and Purchase of Fiber Optic Transceiver

Introduction about brands of fiber optic transceivers

Since the first 1X9 package optical transceiver was born in 1999, there has been a large number of companies and people making contribution to the development of fiber optic transceivers in the nearly 20 years. Some of companies are extensively known by people like Huawei, Cisco and JDSU, and some are not. Below Cozlink will bring you the introduction about the existing famous brands of fiber optic transceivers in the market.
US: JDSU, Avago, Neophotonic, Cisco
Japanese: Sumitomo, Fujitsu
Taiwan: Truelight, Luxnet
Chinese mainland: Cozlink, Accelink, Hisense HG-genuine, Innolight, Huawei, H3C

Introduction about purchase of fiber optic transceivers

With so many famous brands of fiber optic transceivers, there comes to another issue for people: how to get the best proper fiber optic transceivers from these brands? Here Cozlink gives some useful ideas to help you out.
1. The after-sale service of optical transceivers
Optical transceivers can be generally used for 5 years, and they would not be shown the real performance until the second year of use. In this case, it’s better to choose a good seller with a long warranty for optical transceivers by comparing the after-sales services.
2. Compatibility of optical transceivers
It is very likely that different manufactures use different switches, which makes compatibility of fiber optic transceivers much important when doing purchase. A communication with seller before ordering is necessary, especially for the requirements about testing on the real device and related return policy.