Things That Makes Your Brother So Special For You

Brothers are the only person on this earth who probably knows you inside out and probably they also know a side of you which you yourself might not be aware of. No matter despite the endless fights that you have always had, he is till the one who means the world to you and your life seems incomplete without him.

He has always been the one who has been over protective about you and has been always been your guard during your late night parties.


Your brother has always been the one because of whom you know some wrestling moves. He has always been the one who has given you’re a tough time wrestling with him. But it was because of him that you could easily fight easily with your school bullies.

Together you have always done some mischievous things, be it breaking the window panes or ringing the door bell and running away, you have enjoyed almost every bit of it and trust me these are the memories which you are always going to miss.

Whenever boredom struck, your brother was the one who could plan something truly interesting for you, be it during the boring social gatherings or playing a naughty prank. It was always fun and entertaining.

No matter whether it was dot midnight or early in the morning, you could always wake your brother up and talk to him about those endless worries which are bothering you and I am sure that he would have loved it.

You could behave like a complete goon in the school because you knew that you have an elder brother who studies in the same school.

He is the one who has got you into trouble several times but he has also been the one who has pulled you out of it too, depending on the severity of the situation.

So for all the things that he has done for you makes him extremely special. You can send rakhi to India to thank him.