A guide to GCE ‘A’ Level Preparatory Course Singapore

‘A’ Level Preparatory Course Singapore is one of those comprehensive programs that equips the students with the essential learning competency to prepare the students for annual examinations of the joint awarding authorities from Singapore.  The foundation of this program lies a strong series of internal assessments that are called as Mid Year Examinations and Preliminary examinations that are facilitated by the department once an Academic Year for the respective examination cycles. These assessments are designed carefully and prepared by the competent internal assessors from the department to gauge the readiness of students for the annual examinations.

Entry Requirements

At least 17 years old as of 1st January of the examination year.

Applicants should meet one of these additional requirements:

  • Must have passed at least C6 in English and Mathematics at GCE ‘O’ Level or should have completed the secondary 4 with Pass having C6 at least in English and Math or should have passed the BMC entrance test

Admissions to the subjects are approved by the managements. Any of the applications that does not meets any of the requirements to be treated on case to case basis.


10 Months (January-October)

Method of Delivery

Classes are conducted using the following methods:

  • Lecture
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Small Group Dynamics

Award Criteria

Students will be awarded with a certificate of attendance on meeting the 75% of the attendance requirements for local or part time students and 90% for the full time local and International students.

Grading System

Grades reflected on the Academic Transcripts are upon 100%, wherein the following equivalents are being used: 0-49%= Failed; and 50%-100=Passed.

Assessment Information

2 different internal examinations are conducted every year as explained above. All the students have to register to sit for the examinations.

Now, one will ask why and how should one study for these exams?

You should go for A’ Level Preparatory Course Singapore because it is one of the reputed and renowned education qualifiers that will help you decide your further studies. It will enable you to grab a seat in reputed university for further education. Furthermore, you will get to develop your English speaking skills. It will also help you to increase the job prospects.

Best ways of learning include:

Training Institutes:

There are several training institutes that cover each and everything regarding the preparatory examinations in Singapore. You can find plenty of them through Internet. It is not a challenge to find such centers but definitely helps you to get quality education.

Google Exam Study Guides:

Another easy way is to learn through study guides for each exam. Google helps you with best resources but you need to devote time and do extensive research which is not possible in all cases. However, you can get plenty of learning resources and last year examinations that will aid your preparation.