The Top Seats to Choose For the Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball Game

Are you thinking about watching a crucial game where your favourite Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball team is clashing with a mighty opponent? If this is the kind of game you cannot miss you will also want to make sure that you choose the best seats for the perfect view of the game while buying the Univ Kentucky Wildcats Mens Basketball Tickets. If you have been watching basketball only on TV all along, you might want to know a bit about the seats so that you can enjoy the match completely. Here is a quick look.


Courtside – Sideline Seats, Lower Level

This is the seat which is preferred by most of the basketball lovers. It offers the clear view of both the baskets and of course the entire court. What’s even better is that if you land the seat facing the team’s benches then you can also see the players clearly. All in all, this seat offers a wonderful view and you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

The only problem with these seats is the price. Since it is the most coveted seat therefore lots of people are fighting for it. This in turn means higher price tag. The seats on the sideline are costlier than the seats on the end zone because they offer the unhindered view. If you can afford it, there is nothing better than getting this seat. You can also look for the discounted seats at the reputed websites such as There are many offers available and you can also select your favourite seats.

Level Sideline Mezzanine Seats

They are not as close the basket or the playing area as the sideline seat but they still afford a great view of the entire court as well as the baskets. The view is distant but it does encompass the entire arena. It is a great alternative to the sideline seats if you are on a budget and yet looking for a great view. However, if you are someone who wants no compromises as far as the view of the game is concerned, or you want to be as close to your favourite players as you can be, sideline seats at the lower level are still the best choice for you.

Sideline Seats at the Upper Level

One of the biggest benefits of these seats is that their price is relatively much lower as compared to the two options we have discussed above. While mezzanine seats are cheaper as compared to lower-level sideline seats they are still costly to some. For those who are looking for something more affordable can go for this. This seat also offers a comprehensive view of the court but from a little higher up. If you want to get up close mezzanine and lower-level are the best.

Corner seats at the lower level

There are some people who prefer these seats more than the sideline ones. Although these seats do not offer as good a view as the sideline seats but they are still preferred because of the dramatic angle it provides. It could be costlier than the upper-level seats but definitely cheaper than the lower-level sideline seats.