Coaching Centers: To attend or not to Attend

Welcome to India – where the competition is intense and the seats are few. Being the second most populous country in the world, means that Indian students have to fight long and hard to stand out from the crowd.

Students from the length and breadth of our country face huge academic pressures in their 10th and 12th standards. Moreover, if they are planning to pursue engineering, medicine or the UPSC stream, they also have to appear for hugely competitive entrance examinations for college admissions.

The National Sample Survey Organization estimates that about 26% of the students or 7.1 crore children attend coaching centers to supplement their school education. But is this really a good idea? Should students attend coaching centers or not? Let’s explore some of the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself:

Coaching Centers – Pros:

  1. Access to more exhaustive study material: Most coaching centers like FIT-JEE, Akash etc give students their collected and proprietary study material. Access to more questions, solutions and explanations would definitely give these students greater experience and more learning.


  1. Access to mock tests: Good coaching centers have regular mock tests that help students get into the examination mindset. Students are much more prepared for the actual exam day after training their minds and bodies to sit still and answer the required questions for the duration of the mock test.


  1. Regular Feedback: Let’s face it – some of the concepts students learn in the 10th and 12th standards are quite difficult and may need second and third explanations to fully be understood. Attending a coaching centers provides students guidance from experienced teachers who can offer these explanations, reasoning methods and regular feedback on what students are doing wrong and how they can improve.


  1. Peer Interaction: There’s nothing like healthy competition and there’s no one who can quite push you like your peers. Watching your friends and partners in suffering work harder and push themselves more and more will only inspire you to give your best. On the other hand, studying by yourself at home deprives you of this peer interaction post school hours.


  1. Study schedule:If you’re by yourself studying at home, it’s quite easy to slack off. You may decide to be lazy and not maintain a proper study schedule that will ensure you pay attention to all subjects, consolidate your strengths and tackle your weak points. However, good coaching centers can provide you with personalized schedules that ensure you take care of all the above.


Seems coaching centers are really great, no? However, let’s explore the cons as well – so you can take an informed decision.
Coaching Centers – Cons:

  1. Cost:  Let’s face it: coaching centers are expensive. The NSSO report quoted above also estimates that in most Indian families, 11-12% of a family’s budget is dedicated to coaching classes.


  1. Incompatible teaching style: Sometimes, the educators at the coaching centers might not teach in the style the student is most used to/ can understand the best in. In this case, it might be best to opt for another coaching center Many coaching centers offer trial classes, which can be a greay way to test the facilities and also evaluate coaching institute fees and facilities.
  2. Student fatigue: Being a student is exhausting, your brain is constantly at work. Some coaching centers are quite demanding: most often a student goes to the center right from school and does not return home until late at night. Doing this day after day can lead to student tiredness and fatigue.


  1. Less time for self-study: Some students study best on their own. Coaching classes are quite time-consuming and will definitely reduce the amount of time you have on your hands for self study.


Hope this list has helped all you students out there in a small way! To attend or not to attend coaching centers is an important decision. Do consult your friends, peers, teachers and parents before taking it. Also – see if the coaching center you are considering offers a trial class. If so, definitely take it and get an idea of the environment there before you commit. And don’t forget to check out reviews of coaching centers near you. All the very best!