Blade and Soul First Experience

Okay, so here I am writing about my first time playing Blade and Soul on the Europe Servers, because the servers crashed or at least they have some technical problems. Can’t really say I’m surprised though because of all the people online. I warn you beforehand, if you want to have fun in Skyforge in this first month or so, I recommend getting premium for the queue priority, unless you can play in the morning. The medium time you have to wait to enter in the evening is around 30-40 min each time. Do not forget to buy BNS Gold online to well play the game!

Saying all that, I personally enjoy the time spent on this game, it has its charms. The graphics remind me of Tera quite a lot, especially the Lyn (Lyn-Elin), the combat is much better and it’s nice how you keep discovering new skills and combos while you level. Makes it less boring when you practice them on the mobs you need to hunt.

My main at the moment is a lvl 36 Lyn Summoner (like I said before, this being the only race that can have summons) and even though it’s not extremely complicated, I enjoy discovering the combos and various ways of playing, from support, to cc and dd even. Quite a versatile character the little one. The story is getting interesting if you have patience to look at the scenes and some dungeons are fun to duo.

As a game that I took up while I wait for my Skyforge caps to reset… I’ve taken quite a fancy to it and enjoy leveling my summoner and even started a Blade Dancer (Lyn again) for some diversity. If you want a good class to learn the game with, I highly recommend the summoner, as it is considered to be quite easy to play with and learn.

The pvp part.. well, still didn’t join any matches but I did try some pvp with a destroyer and my summoner.. and well.. let’s just say he didn’t get a chance to do much. This was at around lvl 20 though.

Overall it’s a fun game if you have the time and want to play, if it came out a few years ago, it would have been something really new, but now, more and more games try to make their combat more dynamic. Guess we have to see how the endgame for me is gonna be.