What is a Good Template for eBay Seller?

You will always need a eBay template to create a layout that looks good. There is no way around it. Many templates are easily available, some are even free. Even on the internet, you will find dozens and hundreds of the free eBay listing templates. Some listing tools such as the Auctiva also have inbuilt templates. eBay also offers their templates for use but at an additional cost. The dilemma that most eBay sellers find themselves in is deciding on what template to use. So what is a good template for eBay seller? Here is what to consider in knowing whether a template is good for you as an eBay seller or not.

Header area

A good template should have a header area which should be customized. This is done by getting the file of the header image and editing it with software such as Gimp, Photoshop or online tools such as Pixlr.com which are available for free. You can also place any special message you want to feature here in the header area.


A good listing template should have a headline. The headline should consist of the product name and any other useful information which should be on the second line just below the headline.

Clear main picture

For a template to be considered good, it should have the main best image of the product just under the headline. If you happen to have many images of the product, choose the one that displays the product in full overview but not a detailed photo.

Clear description of the product

This should appear after the first image. Discuss the size of the product, its condition, color and other features that can be useful to the buyers. Clarify everything about the product to the customer. The product description should carry about 300 words. This should be broken down into two to three sentence paragraphs and should be unique. You can highlight the key phrases in your product description.

Use bullet points when listing

You can use built-in bullet points features or use your own icons to come up with nice looking lists. This will improve the overall appearance of your description.

Have sub-headings

If your product description is very long, split it into blocks and separate them using subheadings. For the text, you can use the benefit or the main feature you are describing in the next paragraph.

Have additional product pictures

If you are selling a product requiring more attention, include two or three ore images. Customers love seeing details and this can be best achieved by additional pictures taken at different angles.

Additional information

Your template should give details on how the product will be shipped and the costs involved. Details on your return policy should also be clearly spelt out. You can also decide to include payment information and contacts that customers can use to make inquiries and bookings.