Corporate Gift Basket Ideas for All Occasions


The variety of unique corporate gifts Singapore is pretty impressive, but one that has gone popular over the past years are promotional baskets. Well, these are literally baskets filled with various goodies that will surely entice the recipients. It comes in many forms and you can get creative when giving this type of corporate gift.

There are many corporate gift basket ideas, and here are just some you could actually use:

Corporate Basket Set

This is the basket set that you would likely give someone in high authority. It fits someone like a CEO of another company, a business partner or someone important who knows how to play golf.

Basically, this could contain items like golf tees, golf visors, gold ball and any golfing accessory that would fit in the basket. If you wish, you may also add in some business or golfing magazines. Don’t forget to imprint your logo on the products.

Stationery Basket

Who would not love a basket filled with wonderful stationery items? Well, this type of basket could fit in any individual, especially those who usually work in an office like environment.

You may fill the baskets with some nice notepads, cool pens, mechanical pencils, sticky notes, planners, paper weights and some bookmarks. This basket may be given for any purpose and is guaranteed to work all the time.

Goodie Basket

This is something that will surely put a smile on everyone – who can resist a basket with all your favorite goodies or snacks? Basically, this basket could contain items like assorted cookies, chocolates, fine cheese, different types of nuts like cashews and almonds, coffee and tea packs, chips and more. Anyone who will get a corporate gift like this one will certainly forget about dieting for quite some time.

If you wish, you may add in some fresh flowers or a teddy bear to this basket to make it more attractive to the recipients. Also, a handwritten note is a perfect finishing touch to this gift basket.

Italian-Themed Basket

A dash of creativity will surely come a long way. So, why not come up with a corporate basket filled with everything Italian in it? Well, it may include, but not limited to items like pasta, bottled pesto sauce or marinara, Italian cookies, a variety of olive oil, capers, parmesan cheese, some Italian coffee and chocolate perhaps.

The choice of what to include in the basket is actually yours. You just have to ensure that the baskets look nice and come with some décor like nice ribbons of a bunch of fresh flowers.

Luxurious Goodie Basket

The usual goodie basket containing chips, cookies and similar items is certainly a hit. But if you are looking for more lavishness and sophistication, opt for a high end goodie basket containing items like caviar tubs, packed smoked salmon in different flavors, chocolate truffles, fine coffee roasts among others.

Regardless of the corporate gift basket you choose, it will greatly help if you will only deal with the best corporate gifts suppliers Singapore who can supply you with everything that you need.