How to choose a correct car seat for my new born baby?

Child safety in the car is very significant. The choice of car seats online store for babies is very wide, but parents of an infant need a special car seat. All car seats are divided into several types according to the weight of the baby. Frankly speaking, weight of the baby is the main characteristic when choosing the car seat. Babies of the same age can have different weight. And it is normally, because one babies grow faster and others slower. Thus, if the car seat is offered for certain age group, specify the recommended weight.

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Groups of the baby car seats

Manufacturers test their car seats to provide the highest level of comfort and protection for babies in the car. If to choose the correct seat, it will protect your baby. Well, the baby car seats have the following groups:

  • 0 Up to 10kg
  • 0+ Up to 13kg
  • 1 9kg-18kg
  • 2 15kg-25kg
  • 3 22kg-36kg

Infants should be carried in a rear-facing car seat. When a child reaches 9 kilograms parents can acquire a forward-facing seat. If it comes about the new i-Size seats, they can be used up to 15 months age of your baby.

When to move to the next group of the car seats?

Actually, the best sign to change the car seat for the next category is when the top of the child’s head is abreast the top of the car seat. Parents should not use the lower weight car seat for their babies, because it is dangerous.

The rear-facing seats will better protect the infant in case of the car accident, so do not hurry up to swap the car seat. Wait until your baby reaches the maximal weigh limits and only then move to the next group. Think about safety of the baby during the car drive.

About new i-Size car seats

Recently, the i-Size car seats became very popular in Europe. These car seats are developed according to the latest European standards. In July 2013, it was made a decision to test the car seats for babies more times before selling them. The i-Size car seats are based on the Isofix system. The car seats can be easily installed in any car. Moreover, a lot of cars produced in 2006 have the Isofix system too, so the fitting of the i-Size car seat becomes even easier.

The primary thing to consider when selecting the i-Size car seats is the height of your baby, not the weight. Today on the market there are many types of the i-Size car seats for boys and girls of all ages from the best baby online store in Singapore. Possibly, the i-Size car seats will replace ordinary car seats very soon.

Finally, parents are responsible for their babies and they should not neglect given recommendations when choosing the correct car seat. The car seat should be not only comfortable and safe, it should also look nice. There are many accessories, which parents can purchase for the car seats.