Quality Hair Replacement Solutions in Singapore

Finding a quality hair replacement service can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know what qualities make a good hair loss service provider a top-rated place. If you are seeking hair loss solutions in Singapore, and have yet to find a proper hair care provider that will meet your needs, it is time that you set up an appointment here: www.uec-hairstudio.com with the hair loss experts at UEC

Who We Are

Our team of professionals here at UEC has the training to provide each customer with own personal hair care solution. Each professional has received training in a variety of hair replacement systems and understand that by devoting time to each client, such are able to provide positive results that will last for many years to come.

Our process is simple – we use 100 percent real hair that can you can manage and style exactly how you want it. Our custom hair pieces are designed to fit the shape of your face as well as your own unique personality.

We offer both top pieces and full caps that are so realistic no one will ever know that it isn’t your actual hair. Our full hair replacement caps are available either 100 percent or 50 percent handmade, and regardless of which variety you choose we will make sure that your new piece will look perfect on you.

What We Do

Along with providing our clients with top quality hair pieces, we also offer a variety of hair replacement solutions that will meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. At UEC, we understand the importance of having a full and healthy head of hair and we do our best to help all of our clients meet their hair care goals. That is why we offer premium hair care and hair loss services and products paired with the skills and expertise of our hair professionals.

Our services include…

  • Custom made hair pieces that are Full Lace, U-Shape PU with Lace, or Full Serounder PU with Center Lace
  • Professional Scalp Treatment including root cleansing, ginger-based shampoo treatment massaging and hair steaming
  • Hair Knitting, which is a process that can help keep a client’s hair in ideal shape from one month to the next
  • Hair Colour treatment
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair Tightening
  • and the application and fitting of Wigs


The design of all of our custom-made hair pieces incorporates the use of an advanced bio-mimetic membrane solution, with silk as the base material. This allows ventilation and perspiration while also giving the client’s scalp the chance to breath naturally, just like with their own hair.

UEC is your Hair Loss Solution in Singapore

At UEC, we can provide you with a brand new hair piece or enhance your own hair and bring out all its very best qualities. Using our specialized scalp and hair treatment options, we can help you learn new ways to take care of your hair and scalp on order to keep it looking healthy and smooth. We offer scalp cleansing services, massages and shampooing with rich ginger-based products that will nourish your hair follicles for more body and shine. In addition, we have scientifically based and tested all of our special treatments in order to make the most out of your natural hair. Enjoy the self-confidence that you never imagined you could have before when you receive hair replacement services from the experts here at UEC.

If you are tired of losing your hair and want to make a change that will bring you more self-confidence, then it is time to give the experts here at UEC a call. Set up an appointment today with one of our hair care specialists to find out what your treatment options are and what they would recommend for your own personal hair issues.